4 reasons to choose Brandtrack

December 27, 2016


4 reasons to choose Brandtrack

There are many systems for playing music at the point of sale, but few add as much value to a brand as Brandtrack does with its ambient music system for businesses. Among so many advantages, the 4 most outstanding ones are:

  1. Music Personalization: Music and brands have something in common: "Behind every brand and every song, there is a story that wants to be told." That's why at Brandtrack, each customer has a unique and unrepeatable music compilation designed exclusively to accompany, as background music, the story that the brand wants to tell and make a reality in its establishments.
  2. Simplicity - "Very Simple": To use Brandtrack, you only need a computer connected to the Internet. No additional devices are needed beyond what probably already exist at your point of sale. One click and you're ready to go.
  3. Seamless Music - "Open 24/7": With Brandtrack, there are no interruptions. If the internet is working fine, the music won't cut off. If the internet is working poorly, the music won't cut off. If the computer disconnects from the internet, the music won't cut off. In conclusion, the music never cuts off, whether there is an internet connection or not.
  4. Usage Control: You've probably tried different music playback systems in your company to ensure that the same institutional music is heard in all your locations. CDs, USB drives, and functional music devices are the most common. Over time, some brands may dare to use free online systems like GrooveShark, etc. But how can you verify that the institutional music is being played in all your locations? Probably, by the second week, employees at each branch will be replacing the institutional CD with their own music that has nothing to do with the brand, and most of the time, it repels rather than attracts consumers. To avoid these kinds of inconveniences, Brandtrack has developed a comprehensive usage statistics system that allows the brand to know which locations play the least institutional music.

In conclusion, choosing Brandtrack means preferring a personalized, simple, comprehensive, and useful service.