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Improve your business's sales conversion and profitability through our in-store musical intelligence.
Smart, easy and transparent.

Connecting brands
with people through music

We help over 350 clients in more than 35 countries engage with their customers and boost their brand identity across +7.000 commercial spaces.

Choose a commercial space and start listening

Brandtrack works in all types of industries. Take a walk through this city to see what could be playing now in a place like yours!

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We take care of the music so you can focus on your business

We are expert music curators

We're not just another algorithm-based music service - we're a team of music curators who use the latest data science to craft the perfect playlists for your brand. We're proud to offer a music service that's powered by real people with real expertise, and we believe that's what sets us apart.

Plug & Play

Our software is quick to implement and works seamlessly on all major operating systems. With our simple, user-friendly interface, you can sync songs across multiple locations and enjoy uninterrupted playback. Best of all, our solution requires no internet connection, making it the perfect choice for businesses of all types and sizes.

A song for every moment

Our Smart Plan ensures that your customers always enjoy the best experience possible by adapting the music to real-time factors such as foot traffic, weather, and consumer rotation, resulting in a highly catered musical experience.

Like a DJ performing
in your store

Our music curation goes beyond algorithms. We infuse creativity tailored to your brand's identity with in-store tracking systems to ensure that the music played at your locations is perfect for every occasion.

  • Custom playlists selected by professional curators

  • Add your own advertising between songs

  • Birds-eye view dashboard to control your stores

  • No internet connection is required for our app.

Brandtrack has been a strategic ally in the musicalization of our brands. The support and willingness they provide has been exceptional and they perfectly adapt to our needs.

Jean Amado

Stores Operations

Brandtrack plays a fundamental role in creating the appropriate atmosphere, adapting to the real-time customer rotation. We have invested in the aesthetics of our spaces, and the selection of music is crucial to convey it.

Catalina Esteves

General Manager